IF you want to manage multiple remote desktop connections on windows.

I recommend you Remote Desktop Connection Manager

here is introduction of Remote Desktop Connection Manager

this aticle refers to one incredible Lab introduce.

Here is method to use Reomte connection deskotp manager.

Another way or other way

Here is video of use method of Remote Desktop connection Manager

I will explain what i understand.

First, you want to access to remote desktop.

The above picuter show you what you need.

Sever name mean IP address of server or maybe domain

because Domain is eqaul to IP address.

User name is ID of your account of remote computer

Password is literally passwod of your account of remote computer to access

I think domain is domain concept of network. namely, in network, each domain is mapped to IP address by DNS.

So, Domain is literally Domain about Ip Address of remote desktop for me to access.