hyunyoung2's TimeLine

  • Natural Language Processing labs 2017.09 ~ current
    I am studying Natural Language porcessing with DeepLearning as master candidate, currentl;y I developed "Spam text message filtering by using sen2vec and Feedforward neural network" and wrote some paper about the spam filtering
  • SK hynix memory solutions inc. 2016.02 ~ 2017.01
    I worked as Software Engineer at Advanced storage team for new thecnologies. For example, NVMe, LightNVM, QEMU, F2FS, Mulit block layer's mulit queue and some test tool for SSD device which is made of Open-Source.
    I carried out a variety of project. For example, Kernel(big.LITTLE Architecture's battery efficiency), Window Programing(C#- Monitor Calibration), IOT(Smart Refrigerator for the blind person), Web(customizing the wrong not) and I studied at SIG that is group for the people to study technology, algorithm, data structure, linux and a little knowlege of hardware. I aslo taugth people data structur and algorithm.
  • Natural Language Processing Lab 2013.04 ~ 2014.12
    Mostly, I researched on similarality between documents and studied Natural Language Processing. and then wrote paper related to inspect similarity of documents. this lab is NLP lab of Kookmin Uiversity.
  • IT Volunteer 2012.07 ~ 2012.08
    I volunteered in RongFong ICT Center at the Phrae in Thailand. teaching IT Knowledge and Korean's Culture to Thais, RongFong Villagers and NAMCHANG Elementary School's Stutents. I also exchange the culture between Thailand and Korea.
  • Army in South Korea 2009.03 ~ 2011.01
    I worked in HR Departement and Financial Department, My job manages and runs Leave, pay, and each expense used for training, the military people, and management of troops, I punished a person who doesn't comply with the military law.
  • Bachelor at Kookmin University 2008.03 ~ 2016.08
    From Junior at fall semester, I atually started to study Computer Science, Although I majored in Computer Science. For my college life, I had carreid out a little term project and also won scholarships . So I dreamed to be software engineer late.